Score Alerts 2.0 Out Now

The latest Score Alerts update is now available in the Windows Store. The app is only available for Windows 8.1 at the moment. A Windows Phone 8 update is in progress and should include all the new features from the Windows 8 version. If you are still using Windows 8.0 and can't get he update then you need to get the free Windows 8.1 update. There is an article from Microsoft which you can read here that explains how to do that. 

Read on for a run down of the changes


Live Score Centre

So what's new? Well we've spoken before about the Live Score Centre, which is the main feature of the app. It brings together the fixtures (today and upcoming), league and notifications pages that were separate in the previous app into one dynamic page that is updated live on a matchday. It also introduces a live news ticker with headlines from the world of football. You may recognise our influences in the design of this screen :)



We've introduced news feeds to the app. There are (or can be) multiple news feeds for each club in the app. If there isn't one already then you can add them yourself by sending us RSS feed URLs from within the app. Doing this will aggregate the latest news from that club into the club focus screen. You can also send us an updated club crest if the app is displaying the wrong one (or none at all) and links to the club website and the name of the stadium. We will add more club facts here in the future if there is interest.


OK nobody likes ads I know. But unfortunately the reality of a free app is that they are often necessary. What we have done however is to make them non intrusive. There are no full screen ads or ads at the top of the screen. They are all at the bottom or far edges of scrolling windows or tucked away into the corner. Hopefully you won't be too offended by them but if you are I'm sorry. Feel free to uninstall the app. At the end of the day it costs me money to host the web service for the app and to get the app listed in the store every year and so far the app has made me..... £0! Yes, zero, nothing, zilch. Sure a few people have bought extra cup competitions for £0.99 but out of that I get approximately £0.55 and Microsoft won't send me anything until I make something like £150. So far we have £14 in the kitty so we're a long way off being able to pay the bills let alone making any profit from the app. I hope with this in mind you won't mind me trying to find new revenue streams for the app. As an added bonus, if you are one of the people who have bought an item in the app or if you buy one in the future the ads will be removed from your copy of the app completely.


We've added a little dialog that appears after 5 runs of the app asking if you would like to rate our app. If you like it then please do. It helps us gain more awareness and makes this seem more worthwhile. If you don't like the app then please let us know in the feedback form. We will improve the app if you have some good ideas or find any bugs. Don't rate us down in the store before giving us a chance to fix things for you!

As always, if you have any ideas or feedback please let me know. We're on Twitter at @rwsoftware and Facebook at

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