Score Alerts Updates

It's been a while, but just in time for the new season, we have a new update of Score Alerts on Windows Phone and Windows 8.1. The app has been mostly rewritten to make it easier to manage and update in the future. We've integrated Microsofts new "Universal App" technology so that we can ship Windows and Windows Phone apps much closer together. It also means that anything you buy on Windows Phone will unlock on Windows 8 too and vice versa.

The design of the app has changed a little (or a lot if you're on Windows 8.1) to make it more consistent and improve the layout of some screens. We've added a brand new beautiful live tile. Transparent of course on Windows Phone so that you can let your background image show through


The news live tile is also updated on Windows Phone 8.1 with a flip tile. A full screen image on one side and the news story in brief on the back. It's a great improvement over the old tile.

If you've updated your phone to Windows Phone 8.1 you'll see a big improvement in the speed of the notifications too. They should now be just as fast as Windows 8. 

Finally, we've added a load new leagues and cups. These include the top 3 Spanish leagues and cups, the top two French leagues and all three domestic cups, the Mexican Premier League, the Argentinian Premier League, the MLS and the Brazilian Premier League. 

Be sure to let us know if there are any leagues you would like to see us add! Score Alerts is available for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1.

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