New Game: Audio

Audio ScreenshotRW::Software are proud to announce our new game for Windows Phone, "Audio". This game takes the popular "Name That Tune" and "Beat the Intro" game modes and puts our own spin on them. Currently we have two game modes. The first is a traditional multiple choice name the artist from the music you can hear. 5 questions per round and you have the choice of genre to play. A maximum 10,000 points are available in each genre. Can you top the leaderboards?

The second game mode is more difficult. "Challenge" mode gives you 30 seconds per song but no multiple choice. When you know the answer, press the buzzer and shout the name of theĀ artist into your phone. If it's correct you move onto the next question, if it's wrong you start again. Can you get the most questions correct in a row?

More updates are coming if the app proves at all popular so be sure to let us know what you think. Take a look in theĀ Windows Phone Store for Audio

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